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What is direct deposit?
"Direct deposit" refers to the action of distributing payroll check amounts directly to employee bank accounts. This avoids having to go to the bank to deposit one's paycheck.

What is "Direct Deposit Made Easy"?
This is the software enhancement, developed by Custom Software Experts, that you can install to your existing RealWorld® Payroll system and thereby have direct deposit capabilities for your company.

What will the employee get on payday?
The employee will receive a "Voided" check that indicates the total amount of their paycheck has been deposited directly to their bank account. A "direct deposit" draft notation will display on the check.

Does direct deposit handle partial deposits of paychecks?
No. The total net amount of an employee's paycheck must be deposited.

Does direct deposit handle multiple bank accounts for an employee?
No. It handles one bank account per employee. The disbursement bank may offer this option for your employees. Simply request it from your bank.

What is the "disbursement bank"?
The disbursement bank is that bank your company has chosen to handle your direct deposits. The disbursement bank offers direct deposit services. This is the overseeing bank that will receive your electronic direct deposit information and will then process it and, in turn, disburse (send) monies to each individual employee bank and bank account.

Do employees have to bank at a specific bank?
No. They can continue to bank wherever they wish.

How does direct deposit work?
Once you install the software to your payroll system, you will have access to additional menu functions related to direct deposit. You must then setup each employee that wants to participate in the program with certain payment and bank account information. Additionally, you must setup specific bank routing information provided by the disbursement bank. Once these setup steps are completed, an initial "test" run must be performed for each new employee to verify and initiate their deposit information with the disbursement bank. After setup has been completed, you will run payroll as usual. Each pay period you will create the NACHA file and transmit it to the disbursement bank for processing.

What is a NACHA file?
NACHA stands for National Clearing House Association. This is the standard file format for transferring funds around from bank to bank. The software will create a NACHA file for you to then transmit to the bank for processing. All banks recognize the same NACHA standards that the software creates for you.

Do I have to enter employee information each week?
No. You will do this only once. Each week you will run payroll as usual and then you will create the NACHA file and transmit it to the bank. That's all there is to it.

How do I "transmit" the NACHA file to the disbursement bank?
When you select your disbursement bank, the bank will let you know how they want their NACHA file to be transmitted. You will most likely transmit the file via modem or by using a software the bank provides you with to expedite the process. Check with your bank.

Can an employee change back to getting a paycheck?
Yes, an employee can be dropped from the program by simply deleting them using the Employee DD Information menu selection. The software will then begin printing a normal paycheck for them once again.

What if I need help setting up the software?
No problem. Simply call us for assistance in getting the software installed and running. The software will also come with instructions on how to install, setup and begin using the product.

Thank you for your interest in our "Direct Deposit Made Easy" software enhancement, made specifically for RealWorld Payroll. We know you will enjoy the benefits of having payroll direct deposit functionality for your company. Let us know if you have any additional questions. We'll be happy to help.


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